First steps with Bitnami WordPress in Azure VM

3 minute read | By Edison

If you choose Bitnami WordPress VM from Azure Market, you need to take the following considerations:

1. Review the username & password for WordPress Application

In the installation step. For example, the username is “user  

The password will be shown in the Boot Diagnostics the first time after creating the VM, you need to save this password. You will use this password for logging into WordPress administration portal.


2. Know how to connect to Bitnami VM and check structure folder

You can use SSH terminal to connect to Bitnami VM.

For Windows you can use PuTTY or terminal for Linux or Mac, you will find all the information here:

I will use PuTTY for this blog.


You can find the application installed by Bitnami using the following path: /opt/bitnami/apps


For services you need to use the following path: /opt/bitnami  

In this case you can find  apache2/, mysql/, php/ 


You can find more information about this directory structure here:

3. How to modify php.ini in Bitnami

You will find php.ini in this directory: /opt/bitnami/php/etc/php.ini 


4. To start or stop services in Bitnami

You need to use the following commands:

a) To review the status of the services:  sudo /opt/bitnami/ status


b) To start/stop/restart these services you can use: sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache 

You can find more information in the following reference:

5. How to enter to phpmyadmin

By default phpmyadmin is for just, if you try to browse you will get this message: 

In this situation you need to create a SSH tunnel.

You will find all the steps described here:

If you are using PuTTY, you need to create a tunnel that will redirect from 80 to 8888


After creating this tunnel, you can browse phpmyadmin using and you need to set “root” user and password is the same of the application password that you saved in the boot diagnostics.


6.  Logging into WordPress admin and how to find WordPress files in directory

To can use with port 8888 or use the public ip address that azure assigned or custom domain you have already configured. The first time you need to use “user” and password “generated from boot diagnostics”

Then you can add or change this password in WordPress Administration or phpMyAdmin, but remember that you need to change the same in root for MySQL as well.


You will find WordPress files in the following location: /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs


You can find user/password for database in wp-config.php file.

7. How to connect by sftp to Bitnami

You can use SSH to connect to Bitnami with port 22 and ssh username and password defined in azure portal and the same that you use for ssh.


Or using VsFTPd with the following reference: 

If you want more information about azure and Bitnami you can find it in the following reference: