Accessing Microsoft Graph with App Service Auth V2

2 minute read | By Christopher Maldonado

How to connect to Microsoft Graph using Azure App Service Authentication V2.


We will be using the ‘Azure CLI’ to call the Azure REST Api in order to collect and update the settings needed to access MS Graph. This is an expansion to Tutorial: Access Microsoft Graph from a secured app as the user.


Be sure to login to Azure CLI before moving on.

az login

Gathering your existing ‘config/authsettingsv2’ settings

Capture your existing v2 settings using the following command. Ensure you are updating SUBSCRIPTION_ID, RESOURCE_GROUP, and WEBAPP_NAME with your own site info.

az rest --method GET --url '/subscriptions/{SUBSCRIPTION_ID}/resourceGroups/{RESOURCE_GROUP}/providers/Microsoft.Web/sites/{WEBAPP_NAME}/config/authsettingsv2/list?api-version=2020-06-01' > authsettings.json

Update the authsettings file

Open the authsettings.json file using your preferred text editor.

Navigate all the way down to the login section of azureActiveDirectory.

Add the following loginParameters into this section.

  "properties": {
    "identityProviders": {
      "azureActiveDirectory": {
        "enabled": true,
        "login": {
          "disableWWWAuthenticate": false,
            "response_type=code id_token",
  "type": "Microsoft.Web/sites/config"

Please note that content has been omitted from the preview of this file. DO NOT remove any other content.

PUTing changes to app

Once the require changes have been made, you can now update them to the application.

az rest --method PUT --url '/subscriptions/{SUBSCRIPTION_ID}/resourceGroups/{RESOURCE_GROUP}/providers/Microsoft.Web/sites/{WEBAPP_NAME}/config/authsettingsv2?api-version=2020-06-01' --body @./authsettings.json

Once changes have been updated, you should be able to now login to your App Service as well as Microsoft Graph with the same access token.

Check Issuer URL

In the Azure Portal, navigate to your App Service > Authentication blade.

Click the Edit link next to the Microsoft identity provider.

If the Issuer URL contains /v2.0 at the end of it, remove this and click Save.

Testing via Curl

Create a page on your app that will display the following header HTTP_X_MS_TOKEN_AAD_ACCESS_TOKEN. This can be a phpinfo() page or anything similar.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}"