Create a new Azure Apiapp in python supporting swagger 2.0

1 minute read | By Prashanth Madi

An API app is an App Service web app with additional features that enhance the experience of developing, deploying, publishing, consuming, managing, and monetizing RESTful web APIs.

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This Blog would provide steps to create a sample Azure API APP in Python using Flask-restplus

1) Add a new virtual environment proxy file( file is available @

2) Create a requirements.txt file with below content. Find more details about package management @


3) Get a sample flask-restplus code available @ I have placed my code in []

4) Create a new folder and add a web.config file in your local workspace. You can find a sample @

Change value of WSGI_ALT_VIRTUALENV_HANDLER in web.config as required. I have mentioned it as because my sample code was in file with app as main method in it.

5) Create a new file apiapp.json at root folder

 "$schema": "",
 "id": "Bumblebee",
 "namespace": "",
 "gateway": "2015-01-14",
 "version": "1.9.0",
 "title": "Bumblebee",
 "summary": "",
 "author_name": "",
 "endpoints": {
 "apiDefinition": "/swagger",
 "status": null

6) At the end you would see below list of files


Please find more details on creating and deploying Azure API app at below link


After deploying your app, you should be able to see app definition in portal as below